First Look: LG Optimus ME P350


First Impressions:

Having to unbox a phone for the first time proves to be quite an experience, every time. Excitement and anticipation jitters would always ignite the tech enthusiast in me. With LG Optimus ME P350, I didn’t have to wait a long time to be able to get hold of one. Coming at an affordable price, it was a temptation that was too good to resist.

LG Optimus ME P350. Photo courtesy of TechPinas


If you are a fan of sleek and sophisticated-looking gadgets, I would not recommend this phone for you. But, if you are a sucker for fun and youthful-looking phones, then LG Optimus Me P350 might just be the perfect handset for you. I got mine in blue and I like it funky this way. At 130 grams, I usually don’t mind carrying it around and putting it in my pocket, every time.


As in most touch screen phones, the home interface shows a wide array of the handset’s applications. LG could do better at organizing its icons. Related applications have not been clustered together by default. Being new to LG, I was surprised at the messaging icon. It looks quite unconventional in its non-envelope-shaped design. To make it easier for first time users, I think it would be better to have it placed at the topmost left side, as how it is by default in most touch screen phones. Other than these, I had an easy time tinkering on the other controls.

Its touch screen performance is not exactly one for the books, although satisfactory for a low-end phone. I would say I’m satisfied with the response rate. I like how easy it is to navigate through the calendar, messaging and call logs with just simple flips through the screen. This is perfect for people like me who usually find it hard to touch icons precisely.



Boasting a 3.15 megapixel camera with autofocus, photos are okay but not superb. With Facebook and Twitter coming handy as applications, it gives one the convenience of taking photos and sharing them in real time. Although, I didn’t bother dwelling much on its video application, as its VGA remains low at 24 frames per second.


Sound quality is again, satisfactory. Being MP3 and MP4 capable, LG Optimus Me P350 can prove to be one good companion on slow and quiet days. Although, the briefness of the battery life could counter the excitement, as it only took me approximately 3 hours of listening to the FM radio, combined with a couple of hours talk time, until the battery died.


Among the features that I was most excited about on this phone were its 3G and WIFI capabilities. Ideally, these would best complement the built-in applications of Google Search, Maps, Latitude, Facebook and Twitter. So far, I have no complaints on the usability and functioning of these. Graphics were not so smooth and seamless, though, and viewing could be enhanced with a bigger screen size.

This brings me to another good point of LG Optimus Me P350 – it can be used as a WIFI router. With its USB port, I connected it to my laptop and eventually, I was able to establish a connection. Although slow in loading, I would still give it a plus for the connection capacity. Besides, as it is in any platform, the browsing experience of the user can only be fully-optimized with a good internet service provider.


Before purchasing a MicroSD for this phone, I was disappointed to find out that the internal memory is only up to 140MB. Although, it’s 32GB expandable memory compensates for this. With this phone all-boosted up, the average user can already enjoy storing music, videos and files up to his heart’s content and even beyond. For this, I would give it another plus.

Best Feature

As an Android phone with a multitude of possibilities for software download and updates, I like how the developers have explicitly added an icon feature on Software Updates. Most users may not be keen enough to update their installed applications each time but this function makes it all handy for them. Besides, these applications are the lifeblood of Android phones. The more updated and dynamic they are, the better becomes the user experience.

Overall Recommendation

Overall, being an Android phone offered at a friendly, midrange price gives LG Optimus Me P350 a lot more rooms for enhancement. It can be further improved with better graphics and eliminated glitches. Although, with its up-to-date features – from its capacitive touch screen, up to its 3G connectivity, I would still say that there is a lot to LG Optimus Me P350 the user can enjoy and maximize.



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