Sun’s Anti-Bill Shock Add On 199

Just a few weeks ago, Sun Cellular has launched another innovation in the Philippine telecommunication market by

Sun's Anti-Bill Shock from Sun Broadband. Photo from Yugatech

introducing the Sun Broadband Plan 350 with Anti-Bill Shock. Now, they extended the same feature on their mobile phone

services, specifically the text to other network.

Anti-Bill Shock (ABS)

Add-On 199 allows Sun Postpaid subscribers to send up to 1,000 text messages to other networks at a fixed rate of P199 a month (on top of the monthly Regular Sun postpaid subscription). The next 300 texts will be charged P1 per text.

But here’s the best part: when the subscriber reaches 1301st message sent or more, subscribers need not to worry because the text to other network starting at this threshold will be unlimited!  Thus, in essence, aside from the unlimited Sun-Sun Call & Text, Sun subscribers can also grab unlimited text to ALL network at only P499. The Add-on service basically gives you flexibility and freedom for a certain amount.

In short, if you text 1,000 or less to other networks, you only pay Php199 with this Add On. If you text 1,301 or more, pay a fixed amount of Php 499. It’s a pretty good deal if you’re really a heavy texter especially to Globe and Smart users.

To activate the service, you can either visit The Sun Shop outlet or call 395-8222 or 1822from your Sun phone. I believe this is a dedicated hotline for this.

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Globe Pricing Glitch: BBMAX599 vs. SuperSurf 999

Globe BBMAX 599… with Mobile Internet?!? Wait , what?!

Have you guys noticed how BlackBerry Plans have been dropping in price lately? I remember a time when the BlackBerry service went for around 1,200 a month, now it’s as low as 599 from Globe. But here’s the other thing that makes 599 better though a bit strange… it also has UNLIMITED Mobile Internet!

Price comparison with Globe BB MAX 599 vs SUPERSURF 999



You can get BBMAX599 from Globe and use it on ANY PHONE! You won’t be able to use the BlackBerry service but you can use the unlimited data at almost half the price of Globe’s unlimited data plan 999! Imagine spending just 599 a month to power up your iphone! You can even do it on prepaid!

GLOBE BBMAX on Prepaid as well!


Globe probably bundled in Mobile Internet for two reasons, 1. SUN did it first with their BB add-on 649 and 2. Some BB apps automatically (and notoriously) connect to the mobile Internet without asking you, therefore costing you money. The unlimited data was supposed to be a safety net of sorts. But didn’t Globe realize that even data hungry androids and iphones could connect using BB MAX? Its available on prepaid, so they have no way of knowing what phone you have.

Have you noticed this way before I did? Have you tried BB Max on a non BB phone? How was it? Let us know in the comments below.

It’s Time to Play with Blackberry Playbook

While it took years for Blackberry phones to be released in the Philippine market, I am glad that only took a short time for the Blackberry Playbook to be available here from the time of its initial US release.

Thanks to our homegrown network providers, Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular, I wouldn’t have to wait for a relative’s homecoming to get hold of one.

Now, the only thing left to do is to choose which postpaid plan bundles would suit you best – in terms of the service inclusions and of course, the price.

Globe's BlackBerry Playbook offer

Hereunder are tables comparing the Blackberry Playbook Plans of Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular.

Side by side comparison of Globe’s and Sun’s Playbook offer

Globe has a wider range of Blackberry handsets to choose from. Aside from the Blackberry Curve 8520, it also offers the Curve 9300 3G and Torch 9800. Visit for the complete list of handhelds in this Plan.

If you avail of the Globe My Super Plan 2499 with no add-ons and freebies, only the regular rates for call, text, mobile internet and Blackberry Service will apply and even on top of the P2499 monthly service fee. Meanwhile, for the Sun Cellular plan, already included in the P999 plan are the Call and Text Unlimited service, unlimited Blackberry Service and unlimited mobile internet.

For this, of course, the better choice is Sun Cellular. Given the bridge functioning of the Playbook, if your handset is already activated with BIS and unlimited mobile internet, then you are already good to go. Globe’s package will still require you to make additional subscriptions in order to maximize the use of these gadgets.

Initial Cash Out

In terms of initial cash out, Globe stands as the more economical choice. Basing it from its lowest plan offerings, My Super Plan 2499 or the My Super Surf Plan 2499, you will only have to pay a total of P7999, compared to that of Sun Cellular – a whooping P22,999. TechPinas has priced the 16GB for P23990. Hence, it’s almost the same as purchasing the Playbook from an authorized retailer outlet and paying in full.

Monthly Service Fee

Globe may have the lower cash out but it can be quite heavy to pay P2499 monthly for 24 months. As for Sun Cellular, even if the initial shell out is high, at least the succeeding months of subscription wouldn’t be as heavy on the pocket. Plus, if you get the total of everything for the lowest plan rates, it’s P67,975 for Globe and P52,969 for Sun Cellular! That means, if you get the latter deal, you’ll be able to save at least P15,000!

The Verdict

Given the aforementioned points of comparison, this is almost a no-brainer. Sun Cellular has won my vote on this. I like that the plan already includes the services I would need to maximize the use of my Playbook – no more frills on additional subscriptions for data services and not so heavy monthly service fees. It’s a best-value offer that is hard to resist.

The Battle of BlackBerry Plans

Because of the growing popularity of BlackBerry and the close calls between all BIS plans, I wanted to do a review on the BlackBerry Plans available in the market today. So I browsed the internet to find the most recent deals available from Smart, Globe and Sun.

Of course we know that Globe was the first to offer BlackBerry plans and now they offer the BlackBerry Curve 8520 free starting Plan 999. With this package, the 999 is consumable for both texting and calling intra and inter network. However, the key part of any BlackBerry handheld which is its BlackBerry Service is an Add-on service which you would have to subscribe to separately or have padded on to your plan. Possibly, their biggest come on is their pay per use BB Max, BB Messaging, BB Social service. With MAX, you get surfing and the whole BIS package for the one whole day at P50. For Messaging you get email and BBM for just P299 per 30 days. For Social, you get access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for the low price of P299/ month as well.

For most of my friends on Globe’s BlackBerry they’re monthly service is P999 plus P299 which is P1298.00 per month that comes with a free BlackBerry Curve 8520 and a 24-month lock in period.

Smart also has its own BlackBerry offerings though they seem more intent in pushing HTC handhelds. Smart offers the same Social and Lite at the same price P299/month. They are also available for prepaid subscribers via the Smart Buddy Max, Social and Lite. The Social and Lite are P35 per day.

The last entrant into the game, as usual, is Sun Cellular. Though last in the race to BlackBerry offers, they have launched a solid offer that is equally, if not more valuable, than Globe’s.

They had the Great BlackBerry Deal 999 where for just P999 / month you get a BlackBerry Curve 8520 with unlimited calls and texts Sun-to-Sun and unlimited mobile internet. It also had a bonus of free 3 months of BlackBerry service. To some it was a so, so deal but  I thought at P999 per month you get not just a BlackBerry handheld but a solid postpaid plan.

Just recently, they launched the Complete BlackBerry Package. For the same P999/month, you get a BlackBerry Curve 8520, unlimited mobile internet, unlimited BlackBerry Service, unlimited call and texts to Sun. Of course, like all other plans, its under a holding period. In this case 30 months. That’s 3 unlimited services. Totally a good deal, right? It smacks all other offers out there.

Remember the time when you used your BlackBerry smartphone, you’d always get surprised by the HUGE mobile internet charges they cost you? If for P999 a month you won’t get any of that, I think it’s a pretty good deal entirely.

But I bet you would agree that if they offer Curve 9300, it would be the most awesome thing on the battle for the best BlackBerry service, won’t it?