Globe Pricing Glitch: BBMAX599 vs. SuperSurf 999

Globe BBMAX 599… with Mobile Internet?!? Wait , what?!

Have you guys noticed how BlackBerry Plans have been dropping in price lately? I remember a time when the BlackBerry service went for around 1,200 a month, now it’s as low as 599 from Globe. But here’s the other thing that makes 599 better though a bit strange… it also has UNLIMITED Mobile Internet!

Price comparison with Globe BB MAX 599 vs SUPERSURF 999



You can get BBMAX599 from Globe and use it on ANY PHONE! You won’t be able to use the BlackBerry service but you can use the unlimited data at almost half the price of Globe’s unlimited data plan 999! Imagine spending just 599 a month to power up your iphone! You can even do it on prepaid!

GLOBE BBMAX on Prepaid as well!


Globe probably bundled in Mobile Internet for two reasons, 1. SUN did it first with their BB add-on 649 and 2. Some BB apps automatically (and notoriously) connect to the mobile Internet without asking you, therefore costing you money. The unlimited data was supposed to be a safety net of sorts. But didn’t Globe realize that even data hungry androids and iphones could connect using BB MAX? Its available on prepaid, so they have no way of knowing what phone you have.

Have you noticed this way before I did? Have you tried BB Max on a non BB phone? How was it? Let us know in the comments below.